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ScamCrusader is determined to blow the whistle, on latest internet scams,and exposing current internet scam tricks!

“Yet… man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward.”-Job 5:7

Hello from Australia!

Welcome to Wild,Wild,West.com

Here is the most comprehensive ANTI-SCAM library (See Below)

Where Online Fraud Operators…

are frantically trying to rope in,the innocent,Online money making program seeker,

like you…

sorry to be so blunt, and especially, the vulnerable Newbies, looking for their latest “Get Rich Quick”, online, money earner.

Scamcrusader is determined…

to expose and help catching as many internet scams cyber criminals, by educating you the most important people, before these “No-Life” gets you or your loving family members.

So who are behind these schemes?

  • Australian and American Email Tricksters
  • Asian Microsoft Repairer
  • Nigeria and Ghana Fraudsters
  • Russian Romance Peddlers
  • Online Mafia Gurus
  • stolen identity
  • Unsuspecting Participants (like you!)

Surprised… that you may even, unknowingly participate in Online Abusive Behavior?

How you may ask?…

Well…You see…

whenever you sign up online, to become an affiliate, and let’s say you join ClickBank, E-Junkie or Commission Junction, you’re promoting and promising, whatever the Sales Spiel”, of that online advertising, proclaims, and you agree to it…. to be true, and earn a commission, when the advertised item is sold!

Therefore, if you are promoting Internet Illegal activities,knowingly or unknowingly,

You’re…. an accomplice…

Sound a bit harsh, I can hear you mumble!

But just think about it for a moment….If you become an affiliate, without even “Trying and buying” your affiliate product… yourself, how can you vouch for it?

That’s the problem with many, if not most, online Marketing programs,and as an affiliate or reseller, it’s your “Duty” to honestly evaluated the ‘product’, just like, if you had an offline brick and mortar Shopfront,in your own neighborhood, would you sell bad apples or faulty electrical goods?

We don’t think so, do you?…

So online fraud , starts with you and me, becoming vigilant, both on and offline. So when we get into business we don’t become Online trickster…ourselves…knowing or unknowingly.

We specialize in helping families

avoiding becoming online Victims…Perhaps you need some help, send us an e-mail now!

“Avoiding and reporting Scams…Is our business

Here is the most comprehensive ANTI-SCAM library for bookmarking:

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